Transport Robot TR01

TR01 is a transport robot integrated with multiple functions like face recognition, autonomous navigation, objects transport, safe obstacle avoidance and intelligent interaction.

It’s capable of delivering food and recycling tableware for hotel, expressing objects and delivering take-out for offices, transporting materials for hotel. Because of TR01,the labor costs can be reduced and the efficiency of work can be improved obviously.


Five Intelligent Systems :

Autonomous positioning & navigation system

7 sensing system, which including laser radar, machine vision, depth vision , etc. 56 probes, high precision indoor trackless navigation, long-term stable operation in complex environments.

Intelligent obstacle avoidance system

360°laser scan, full-range perceived obstacle intelligently, respond in a millisecond speed, flexible obstacle avoidance.

Emotion interaction system

Based on the powerful AI interaction engine, the robot can recognize the voice, understand the semantic and show customizable expressions.

Coordination system

Base on the intelligent cloud, the system can coordinate several machines to work in the same area, in this way it can help to improve efficiency.

Extraordinary induction system

24 pairs of infrared physical sensing probes, full-range monitor the items in the tray, easy to return.

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Technical specifications :

Model TR01
SIze 500*500*120 mm
Loading capacity 40*25*20 cm
Net weight 60KG
Loading capacity of each tray 10KG
Charging Time 4H
Charging way manual/auto
Working time >10h
Standby time >48h
Maximum walking speed 1m/s
Maximum climbing slope ≤5°
Working life the normal operation 50000h

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