SR6, suitable for contact/contactless card, is one type of smart card readers which owns multiple functions like bluetooth communication, 2nd-generation ID card reading and verification, smart card reading(including standard USIM card in telecom industry and smart cards in other industries),etc.

Designed with compact and elegant appearance, SR6 can be connected with cellphones, pads or computers though bluetooth or USB cable. This product is widely used in the industries of communications, logistics, finance, transportation, government, etc.

Characteristics :

1、Low power consumption

(1) Auto standby, energy conversation and environmental protection;
(2) Deep sleep mode can extend working hours tremendously;
(3) In shut-down state, the battery can still be charged up ;
(4) Power supply is alternative: external supply/battery supply.

2、Support multiple terminals and operating systems.



Android Pad


Android Phone

Apple Phone

3、Support multiple network communications: Cable/WiFi/ 3G/ 4G.

4、Associated SDK with multiple and powerful functions is available.

SR6 has been integrated into the business systems of China mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom,  virtual telecom operators,logistics industry, etc. This product has powerful compatibility and more application systems are under process to be integrated with.

5、Multiple methods of reading/writing.

(1) Support bluetooth;
(2) Support USB of cellphone;
(3) Support USB of computer;
(4) SIM/ USIM/ smart card reading/ writing

6、Application scenarios



Software standard interface is available, which is powerful and can be integrated into multiple industries.

Telecom industry



Technical specifications :

Model SR6
Dimensions(mm) 85*63*8.0
Weight(g) 49
Color Black/White
Interface USB 2.0 full speed、Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Ready
Encryption Algorithm AES-128
Standard ISO 7816 Type A/ B/ C(5V、3V、1.8V)
ISO 14443  Type A/ B
Protocol T=0/T=1
Battery  Capacity 800mAh(>4 hours)
Reading Speed <2 seconds/time
Working Temperature Range 0°to 50°C (32°to 122°F)
Storage Temperature Range -20°to 85°C (-4°to 185°F)

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