E-signature Tablet PT1

PT1 adopts the leading electromagnetic and pressure-sensing technologies, which provides stable product performance. It is designed with USB power supply interface and its internal dynamic depot provides information like signature path with x/y coordinates, pressure and timeline, which generates the biological characteristic information and legal power.

As an input device of hand-writing signature, this product has been widely used in the industry of Telecom communication, insurance, E-payment, bank, law firm, E-government, etc., and it can greatly contribute to realizing paperless office.

Product details :

Advantages :

Multi-scene application :

PT1 is portable to operate and it is widely used in multi-scenes and industries.

Telecom industry


 Electronic payment


Law firm


Technical specifications:

Model PT1
Dimensions(mm) 165*107*8.2
Weight(g) 114g
Handwriting Area(mm) 100*75
Pressure-Sensitive Pen Model P57 Passive Pressure-Sensitive Pen
Inclination Angle Of Pen ±45°
Power Supply Type USB
Max Reading Speed 250PPS
Reading Resolution 4000LPI
Induction Height Input 7mm,Output 10mm
 Induction Accuracy +-0.01inch

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