Document Camear PR2

PR2, embedded with card reader and E-signature tablet, is a new scanning device for business window, which owns multiple functions like ID verification, contact/contactless card reading, E-signature, document scanning, OCR, photographing, etc.

This product, as a hardware solution of all-in-one paperless office, is an innovation of office areas, which can greatly improve the working efficiency and business safety and make the office life more easier, convenient and environment-friendly. Thus PR2 is widely applied in various industries like banks, insurance, telecom, government, education, security, hotel, etc.

Product details:

Functions :

ID/passport reading

SIM/USIM reading/writing

Document scanning

Writing e-signature

Smart card reading/writing


Characteristics :

1、Flexible dual cameras & Scanning size up to A4

Main camera is equipped with 5 mega pixels(Maximum scanning size: A4) and sub camera is rotatable(Horizontal: 270 degrees and Vertical: 45 degrees) with 5 mega pixels and wide angle lens, which leads to flexible photographing without blind angle.

2、Smart touch-control LED supplemental light

PR2 is equipped with supplemental LED light and smart touch-control switch. With only one soft touch, the machine can work regularly even when the environment is relatively dark.

3、Leading OCR technology& Support multiple languages

With the world leading technology of OCR, PR2 can analyze the document automatically and recognize multiple languages or other formats like forms, barcodes, C++, Java, etc. The recognizing accuracy rate can reach 98% and all of these documents can be output to word or excel format with one-step button.

Advantages :

Application scenarios :







Railway station safety-check

Airport safety-check

Customs safety-check

Technical specifications :

Model PR2
Dimensions(mm) 615.29*289.63*308.72
Weight(g) 870
Scanning Size A4、A5、A6
Main Camera Pixel 5 Mega Pixels
Sub Camera Pixel 5 Mega Pixels
Card standard ISO 7816,ISO 14443
Light Compensation Natural Light + 6*LED
Interface USB,3.5mm DC

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