DBN Laser engraving machine is a desktop type small laser engraving machine. This device supports mobile power supply and adapter power supply, supports computer, mobile phone App control engraving. This device is powered by a 5V/2A adapter to achieve the best printing effect. When using the computer for printing, an outside adapter can be added to ensure the engraving effect

Product Function

  • Data Transmission

USB: support type-c USB cable to connect to the computer to transfer data;

Bluetooth: support dual-mode bluetooth connection to transfer printed data;

  • Engraving and Cutting Function 

This machine adopts laser engraving method, which can engrave flat, opaque organic materials without adding flame-retardant materials, such as wood, ceramic, grey cardboard, bamboo, leather, metal with paint or oxide layer, etc. Can cut 1-3mm thick wood, cloth, plastic, etc.

The laser head adopts replaceable design. If the laser head is damaged, the user can replace it by himself.

  • The Laser Focusing

When using the product, if need to carve objects of different thickness, it is necessary to place the objects in the product working area to manually adjust the focal length for each. For the first operation, it is recommended to use the wood board or paper card attached to the product for engraving test before use.

The focusing methods are below:

Place the surface of the engraving object horizontally under the engraving machine and manually adjust the focusing head as shown in figure 1:

Observe the ray of light fall to the smallest point on the surface of the object. When the light is rotated to the smallest point, the focal length is adjusted. Note that the smaller the focus adjustment, the more delicate the effect of image tuning, if the focal length is not adjusted well, there may be no engraved image.

  • Power Supply

This model can be powered by USB and DC adapters.

USB power supply: USB adapter + type-c cable. To ensure good engraving effect, please use the original adapter and cable link.

DC adapter power supply (optional) : this model can be equipped with 12V DC adapter power supply, can be purchased according to your actual needs.

  • Indicator Light

(Indicator light location diagram)

Working state (blue highlight) : when cengraving, it is always on, when not engraving, it is off.

Power supply (red highlight) : always on after normal power on, flashing when in upgrade mode.

Connection status (green highlight) : bluetooth or USB connection is always on and off when disconnected

Performance Parameter

 Machine Name  Laser Engaving Machine
 Engraving Area 100*90mm
Engraving Mode Bitmap Engraving
 Software Support Language  China, Britain, Germany, Italy, France and Japan
 Image Format JPG,BMP(24bit),TIFF,PNG(under 32bit),PCX(8bit and 24bit),PCD
Image Accuracy 515dpi
OS Support Windows、Android、ios
 Laser Head Power 1.6W
Machine Power 5V/2A power supply:9.5W

12V/2A power supply:12W

Whether the laser is replaceable Yes
 Laser operating temperature -5~60℃;
 Indicator Light   power: red

working: green

connecting: blue

Running Hour work more than 8000 hours continuously
 Interface DC power supply block (optional 12V/2A adapter);

USB1 (type-c interface) : power supply + data synchronization;

USB2 (type-c interface) : power supply;

Material can be engraved Organic materials that are flat, opaque and do not add flame retardant materials such as wood, plastic, grey cardboard, bamboo, leather, etc
 Material can’t be engraved Cannot be burned, e.g. metal (without spray paint), flame retardant transparent plastic, etc

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