Hotel Welcome Robot LSR12

LSR12, the robot for large-screen display, is an intelligent interactive robot developed for scenarios where large-screen display is required, such as halls and exhibition pavilions. This robot features self-mapping, obstacle avoidance while moving, intelligent explanation, guidance, voice dialogue, face recognition, patrol exhibition, etc. It supports voice and touch screen control, which enables unattended service, coordinates and substitutes salespersons and interpreters in business consulting and management or full explanation. It effectively guides guests, expands service scope, improves service efficiency, reduces labor costs, offers users with intelligent services such as guest channeling, brand promotion, product exposure, as well as improved product and service experience.

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Government Administration Hall

4S Stores

Hotel Lobbies

Technical specifications :

Mobile Robot PlatformMobile Robot Platform adopts the products independently researched  and have been continuously operating for two years in more than 100 domestic hotels.
IntelligenceTo realize the independent walking, pinpoint navigation, automatically avoids obstacles
and auto-recharging etc.
Large-screen DisplayThe large screen is 32 inches so that the information can be better displayed.
Sound ReceiverThe 6 mic sound receiver is equipped on the top to recognize  the user location while the hardware and software are capable of double de-noising processing.
Voice EngineThe iFLY TEK voice engine is adopted so that the speech interaction will be more fluent.
LanguageMulti-language dialogue is available
Tone qualityIt configures double speaker with high and low tones which fit in the appearence perfectly .In this way, it not only guarantee the tone quality, but also not affects the appearence because of the loose hole.
AppearanceStreamline appearance design
SoftwareThe hardware shall be equipped with the software SDK to facilitate the secondary development
Specific position broadcastSpecific position broadcast can be configured

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