Hotel Welcome Robot HWR01

HWR01 has many distinguished features such as HD face recognition, specified location leading and patrol, intelligent voice interaction, full-auto capture, video calling, automatic charging, etc. Without human’s interference, it can take the place of front desk and finish the work such as business consulting, way leading and reception perfectly.

It not only efficiently solves the problem that the front desk clerks’ service quality is unstable and the cost of front office is expensive, but also provides the excellent reception service in 24 hours for hotel.

Product Details :

Technical Functions :

Core Advantages:

Technical specifications :

Model HWR01
Weight 35kg
Camera  12 Mega pixel
Degree of freedom head 2DOF
Dimension height: 130cm
base plate diameter: 50cm
Screen 10.1 inches 1080p HD touch screen
Loudspeaker two-sided stereo speakers on the head
Network Wi-Fi 2.4G/5G
Sensors 6+2 microphone array *1; depth camera module  *3; chassis ultrasonic sensors*4; 9-axis gyroscope sensor*1; laser radar*1

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