Hotel Delivery Robot R2D2

The main functions of Intelligent Commercial Service Robot “R2D2”  include delivering the goods to the room, leading the way and publicity information. If the customers cannot find their rooms, R2D2 could lead them to the rooms. If the customers need towels and water in their rooms, R2D2 could also bring them to the customers. R2D2 is capable of using the elevator and contacting the customers in room by themselves. After the appearance of R2D2, the “R2D2 errands for others” can greatly reduces the labor of housekeeping department and Front Office Department, so that the human attendants could save energy to do something more valuable to the customers to better improve the customer satisfaction.

Product Pictures :

Technical Characteristics :

Application Scenes:

Front office department
leading the way,propagandizing

Housekeeping department
delivery, replenishment

It is capable of using the elevators
without human assistance

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After-sales Service :

Technical specifications :

Product size Height: 100 cm
Diameter: 50 cm
Product weight 45 kg
Charging time 4 h
Load capacity 10 kg
Maximum battery endurance 4 h
Maximum travel speed 0.7 m/s
Maximum over-obstacle capacity 10 mm
Screen size 8 inches
Automatic charging Supported
Smart voice Supported

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