Huahui was awarded the title of “High-tech Enterprises” and opened a new chapter of business development

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In December 11, 2017, according to the provisions of “High-tech Enterprise identification and management measures” and “state-supported High-tech fields” jointly issued by Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Finance, the State Administration of taxation, Guangzhou Huahui Information Technology Co., Ltd was awarded the title of “High-tech Enterprises” that is one of the highest award in the field of technical innovation.

In order to realize the company’s strategic goal of becoming a national High-tech Enterprise, We spent almost half of a year to obtain this award. We experienced the process of filing materials preparation, rigorous product assessment, approval process, review of local government, experts, central government department, public notification, etc.

This award indicates that Huahui has been affirmed and recognized by relevant State departments in the field of scientific and intelligent industry. In the past few years, Huahui improved market competitiveness and win market share in the similar industry by research and innovation. In the future, Huahui will make further efforts to achieve success.

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