AT12, self-service card issuance machine designed and produced by Huahui, is one of the artificial intelligent terminals combined with several world leading technologies. It owns multiple functions like ID card verification, self-help card issuing, SIM/USIM card reading/writing, smart card reading, electro-magnetic hand-writing signature, finger-print recognition, etc.

With AT12, customers can finish the business process through operation instructions on the screen by themselves, which saves lots of time from lining up. This product is fit for application scenarios like business hall of telecom companies,supermarket, public places etc.

Product details :

Functions :

ID card verification

Dual cameras

SIM/Smart card reading/reading

Hand-writing E-signature

Finger-print recognition

Self-help card issuing

Advantages :

Business process :

Multi-scene application :

Hotel front desk

Business hall

Convenient store

Technical specifications :

Card Container150 Pieces
Waste Card Container40 Pieces
CamerasMain Cam:8 Mega Pixels
Sub Cam:2 Mega pixels
Screen Size10 Inches
Issuing Rate3 Seconds/Piece
Accuracy Rating Of Verification99%
Card Reading ModuleDual Card Reading
Networks Supported Ethernet/4G/WIFI
Power Supply24V DC Power Adapter
Operating Temperature0°to 50°(32°to 122°F)
Storage Temperature-20°to 85°(-4°to 185°F)

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