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Hotel Service Robot series

Delivery Robot  /  Large-screen Robot  /  Cleaning Robot

Hotel Self check-in machine

Machine Replacement & Intelligent Self Check-in & Efficient Business Process

smart card reader series

Annual Sales 1,000,000  &  80 Countries + 100 Famous Brand Prefer Us

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Hotel Delivery Robot


√   Deliver to rooms  &  Automatically call the lift
√   Self-charge  &  Propagandize information
√   Automatically dial the phone number

Large-Screen Display Robot


√   Welcome guests and lead the way
√   Fixed-point recursive broadcast
√   Face recognition  &  Voice interaction

Outdoor & Indoor Large Cleaning Robot


√   Humps / Corner / Edge-to-edge cleaning
√   Self-help avoiding obstacles  &  Self-charging
√   4th grade Water Filtration  &  Advanced navigation

Self-help Card issuing Machine


√   Smart card reading and writing
√   SIM/USIM card reading and writing
√   ID card reading  &  Self-help card issuing



Daniel Lau

The robot R2D2 is very popular with guests in our hotel. They all look surprised when this cute thing appears at the room door. By applying this robot, we have got the high score and countless accolades on OTA platform.

John Puth

LSR12 is very intelligent and useful. Since it appeared in our hotel, Guests always preferred to interact with it rather than stuffs because the large screen and the way of man-machine quizzing can bring a fantastic experience to them. Thanks to LSR12, Not only help us save cost but also attract more and more customers choose us.

Jenny Gomez

The self-service card issuance machine AT11 and AT12 of Huahui have met the demand of our hotel in many aspects.They help us save cost & energy and win heart of customers. We believe that in the future the intelligent technology can make hotel services more interested and efficient.

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